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The KFX V8 is a MIDI amp switcher and FX looper. It will help you to build an elaborate system of amp + effects all programmed into MIDI presets, thus eliminating the need for "tap-dancing" on stage. You will be able to store 128 programmable presets. The first four functions 1-4 are FX Loops that can be configured for multiple purposes: effects loops, guitar routing, tune mute. The loops are relay based. The functions from 5-8 are intended for amp switching. They are ready to be used with the KFX Gladiator or Shaman amps, but they could be used with other amps too. The output of these functions is a 5pin DIN, so a custom cable would have to be made if used with other than KFX amps.

Recall presets using MIDI program change on MIDI Ch.1. Program the unit using the front panel buttons. Phantom power the KFX Midi Controller throughu the MIDI cable with Phantom Power pin 1(-) and pin 3(+9V). Power the pedals with the 9V-DC output on the back. The MIDI THRU connects to other MIDI equipment, FX processors...

Input 1 front and back has a buffered active input, which is transparent sounding but essential for preserving the tone of your instrument and reducing the effect of long cables and potential sound deterioration. The front INPUT overrides the back INPUT-1. So you can have a wireless connected to the back IN-1, and plug a cable in the front IN when wireless not needed. Or you can connect two guitars. All three OUT/IN on the back are internally connected, no patch cables needed here. If a plug is connected to the IN or OUT it interrupts the interconnection.

  • Dimensions: 1HE rack unit, W-48,2cm, H-4,5cm, D-16cm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Power requirements: 2x12V-AC, 700mA, 15W (supply included)

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.