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KFX Gladiator is a 3 channel all-tube preamp with a powerful 50/50W stereo EL34 tube power guitar amplifier in a 3HE rack format. Sparkling or dirty Clean, vintage Crunch to modern Lead, all in combination with a stereo FX Loop for modern processing, switching, and everything you can’t do without in the 21st century.
Footswitchable Solo-boost on all 3 channels, as well as Effects Loop Bypass switch.
All 3 channels have separate Gain, EQ, and Level controls. Clean has a Bright switch, and Crunch and Lead have Bottom/Definition switches which determine the amount of bass entering the preamp. Presence, Solo and Master controls are stereo potentiometers which work on both poweramp channels, which is internally balanced for equal power on both channels 4 LEDs of different colour indicate the channels and Solo function ON mode. Power and Standby switches are on the front panel as well. All 3 channels, Solo and FX-loop are foot switchable.
Rear panel features include: serial Effects Loop with Level switch –10/+4dB, Impedance Selectors with two speaker jacks for each power amp channel. Since tube amps shouldn’t be operated without a speaker connected, the power amp has a sensing device witch turns the power amp channels ON only if a speaker plug is connected. This way a potential damage to the power tubes is prevented.

  • 3 Channel preamp 5x ECC83S – JJ Tubes
  • Clean: passive 3 band EQ, Gain, Level, Bright switch
  • Crunch: passive 3 band EQ, Gain, Level, Bottom/Definition switch
  • Lead: passive 3 band EQ, Gain, Level, Bottom/Definition switch
  • 2 x 50W 4x EL34 power amp (E34L – JJ Tubes), Solo (boost 0-6dB) on all 3 channels, Presence (treble control), Master Volume
  • FX Loop: serial, –10/+4dB level switch (solid state)
  • Output: each output channel has 2 speaker jacks, impedance 4,8,16 ohm
  • PCB based - hand wired
  • Dimensions: 19in-3HE rack unit, W-48,2cm, H-13,5cm, D-34cm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Power requirements: 230V, 50Hz, 350W, T3,15A slow blow fuse (spare fuse inside the fuse compartment)

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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