Custom Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinets

Speakers are The Voice of your amp. They are the last in the chain, and most important part of your rig. A bass cabinet selection will vary a lot depending on you playing style.

The options are:
  • 2x10in+1x15in+horn 3ohm (KFX favourite)
  • 2x10in+horn 4ohm
  • 4x10in+horn 8ohm or 2ohm
  • 8x10in+horn 4ohm
  • 15in sub bass 8ohm

The bass cabinets are covered in black carpet and metal grill front for durability, though vinyl tolex covering, black heavyweight woven nylon fret on the front like the Guitar Cabinet series is possible upon request. The bass guitar speaker cabinets are loaded with Eminence speakers. Beacause of a wide variety of options KFX bass speaker cabinets are made on custom order basis.

Here are some examples: