Enlarged Front Enlarged Rear

KFX Shaman is a 3 channel all-tube guitar amplifier going from clean to mean and everything in between! Three preamp channels, powered with 4x ECC83S, work to establish each with distinctive voicing and levels.
Foot-switchable Solo-boost on all 3 channels, as well as Effects Loop Bypass switch. Crunch/Lead channels include 3 bands passive tone controls along with a Deep switch, separate Gain and Level controls.
For the Clean channel, 3 bands of equalization along with a Bright Switch, Gain and Level controls. The gain pot which is unusual for the clean channel to have is very useful if you prefer a dirty and overdriven clean, or just something in between. Presence controls for the final equalization of the EL-34 / 60 W power amp section.
4 LEDs of different color indicate the channels and Solo function ON mode. Power and Standby switches are on the front panel as well. All channels, Solo and FX-loop are foot switchable. Rear panel features include: Series/Parallel Effects Loop with Level and Blend controls, an Impedance Selector with two speaker jacks.
Footswitch, footswitch DIN-5 pin (5m) cable and mains cable included.

  • 3 channel preamp 4x ECC83S – JJ Tubes
  • Clean: passive 3 band EQ, gain, level, bright switch
  • Crunch/Lead: passive 3 band EQ, separate gain and level, MID boost switch
  • 60W 2x EL34 power amp (E34L – JJ Tubes), Solo (boost 0-6dB) on all 3 channels, Presence (treble control), Master Volume
  • FX Loop: parallel/serial fx blend pot, send/return –10/+4dB level pots (solid state)
  • Output: 2 speaker jacks, impedance 4,8,16 ohm
  • PCB based - hand wired
  • Dimensions: W-62cm, H-24cm, D-25cm
  • Weight: 15.6 kg
  • Power requirements: 230V, 50Hz, 200W, T1,6A slow blow fuse(spare fuse inside the fuse compartment)

For hard case construction the dimensions of the amp should be measured, do not use these dimensions, they are just guidelines! Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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